Public Information

Records Request

If you want to get copies of official police records, you may write to us or visit us at:

Kent County Sheriff's Office
104 Vickers Drive Unit B
Chestertown, MD 21620

All records requests must be made through Sheriff Dennis Hickman

Because of concerns for privacy, you may be asked to provide proof of your identity and we may have to determine whether you are entitled to the record. There is a cost for some records.

Criminal Investigation Report $5.00
Incident Report $5.00
Traffic Accident Report   $5.00

Request to View Camera Footage

All requests to view body camera footage must be made using the below form. The BWC Administrator makes independent determinations on a case-by -case basis as to the release of any footage requested.

Request to View Camera Footage

Press Releases

We report our significant activities to the Kent County News,Easton Star Democrat and the Chestertown Spy every week.You can read about law enforcement in your community there. You can also view our Facebook page.

Sex Offender Registry

- By law, sexual offenders must register at least twice a year with local law enforcement agencies. The purpose of registration is to enable parents and other concerned citizens to monitor their environment and take appropriate precautions. The Kent County Sheriff's Office monitors registration for Kent County. If you have a question about the operation of the program in the County, call us at 410 778-2279. For an automated, web-based listing of registered Maryland sex offenders, Click Here. For an automated map display of sex offenders near your home, your child's school, or any other location, Click Here and enter the address.

Civil Process

One of the Sheriff's responsibilities is to serve court papers on parties in civil litigation. There is a $40.00 charge to perform this service for papers received from within the State of Maryland and a $60.00 charge for papers received from out of state. If we are unable to make service, 50% of the original payment will be refunded. Call 410-778-2279 for more information.

Eviction Instructions

Complaint Against Personel

We can improve our service to you, the citizens of Kent County, if you inform us of our shortcomings. Call 410 778-2279 and ask to speak with the Sheriff or one of the Commanders to discuss your concern. You can print and complete the Kent County Sheriff's Office "Complaint Against Personnel Report". You may also come to our office to obtain a copy of the form or obtain one from any Deputy on patrol. You may mail the form to us or bring it to us. Our address is:

Sheriff Dennis Hickman
Kent County Sheriff's Office
104 Vickers Drive, Unit B
Chestertown, MD 21620

We will conduct an investigation of your complaint.We will also inform you, in writing:
- That we have received your complaint.
- When we expect the investigation to be completed.
- When the investigation has been completed and the disposition of your complaint.


Have you had a recent positive experience with one of our staff? We would love to hear from you! Please Click Here to send us an email. If possible, please include the staff members name so we can share it with them.